Excellent customer service. Nice presentation of my jewelry on Ebay. Love it. Got a lot more for it than I thought. Thanks Bruce! — Tania Schwarz

I highly recommend Keno Brothers, a family owned jewelry store, long established with an excellent reputation. The Keno’s are honest and knowledgeable. You can trust Keno Brothers. They have quality jewelry at very fair prices. For jewelry repair, they are the best. — Barbara Zaretsky

I did extensive research for a reputable coin dealer (jeweler) and my search lead me to the Keno Brothers. The Keno Brothers purchased gold coins from me on several occasions and provided me with an excellent written appraisal. The written appraisal of gold coins was well written, accurate, and professional. The service the Keno Brothers provide is truly genuine, fair, honest, knowledgable, and reliable. The Keno Brothers are over achievers in the coin (jewelry) business. The store front is well organized, clean, and neat and there are warm friendly professional staff willing to assist you. I look forward to doing business with the Keno Brothers in the very near future. — Lori Desnick

Great, honesty, family run business. — Debbie Krick-D’Agostino

Trustworthy and honest. — Carrie Rajek

Made me custom rings. Phenomenal work from start to finish. Really impressed with their professionalism and meticulous work. — Paul D.

I sold some items there and had very good experience. The service was excellent. The staff is courteous and extremely knowledgeable. These two brothers are very friendly, pleasant people and also very experienced. The transaction was handled confidentially and securely. I was very pleased with all service. I appreciate the respectful and friendly service and would recommend any potential customers to try this store first! I Would recommend to anyone for trustworthy service! I would go back in a heartbeat! — David Jungreis

I have known Bruce, Bryan, and Aisha for almost 10 years now. More than just a customer, I almost feel like family. Professional, first class, honest, and ethical to a fault; Genuine human beings first and jewelers second! Really great jewelers plus great people! — Capt. Larry Reimer

Keno Bros. are very professional and easy to do business with. — Steven Wexler

Honesty and integrity. Need I say more? My jewelers for life! — Kelly Lonergan

Just had my over 20-year old wedding ring fixed and cleaned by the best brothers. Now I am enjoying my ‘new’ ring again, just in time for our 22nd wedding anniversary! The Keno Bros. are hard working and trusted guys. Thanks so much from one twin to another! — Kenny Post

Bruce and Brian designed and crafted my wife’s engagement ring and wedding band 22 years ago. The three of us sat down and I sketched out what I wanted on a piece of paper and Brian created a masterpiece. 21 years later still going strong. I shopped all over South Florida from the Diamond Exchange in Miami to Worth Ave and I did not find a better value “DOLLARS FOR DIAMONDS” than what was offered by The Keno Brothers. I still go back to them for all of my jewelry needs. Keno Brothers is the most HONEST jewelry store in South Florida. Nothing like Bruce and Brian anywhere. And just maybe they might tell you some stories about their triathlons, marathons or cycling events. Never a dull day at Keno Brothers. — Robert Stehlin

I’ve known Bruce and Brian Keno for quite a few years, beginning with our friendship stemming from the running community, and can attest to their professionalism and honesty, qualities that are sometimes a rarity. Whenever I purchase anything or need any repairs or adjustments made, there never is any problem or surprise. I wouldn’t think of going anyplace else. — Mary Asher

After my Mother passed away it was very hard to part with her jewelry. Joe and Aisha were wonderful. They made me feel right at home. Bruce was excellent in the way he treated me. He totally understood how I felt. I would recommend Keno Bros. to everyone. They were wonderful. — Joseph Carney

I’ve known Bruce & Brian for 16-17 years and there is nothing bad I can say about either of them. I used to run with Bruce’s wife and trained with the same coach as Brian for a while. I bought my first running charm from them years ago and had them design and make another charm for my now ex-husband. Both charms were beautiful and the service was just as good. They go over and beyond to make you feel like you are special! — Jo-Anne Miller

From the moment I walked into Keno Brothers I felt at ease. Selling your old jewelry can be an uncomfortable experience, but I was immediately welcomed by Bruce Keno and the wonderful, knowledgeable people he works with (thank you, Aisha and Joe!). I was given several options for the pieces I brought in, which allowed me to make the right decision for my situation. I’m incredibly satisfied with all aspects of my dealings with Bruce and highly recommend Keno Brothers Jewelers! — Carol Dowd-Forte

Very professional. Knows his business and makes sure you are 100% happy with your purchase or any info you are looking for. He has passion for his business. Great family business. — Colette Keno

Staple in the industry. — Jasper Bell

Bruce is a GIA Graduate Gemologist with over 30 years of jewelry experience. Bruce, along with his brothers, Brian, Cary, & Mike, started Keno Brothers Jewelers, circa 1980, and developed it in to a thriving privately owned business. He has been able to adapt to change and maintain a highly successful family run business through both good times and tough times economically. — Bryan Bridel

Bruce and Brian Keno are two of the nicest guys I know. A bit on the religious side for me but they make it work for them without being obnoxious about it. I consider Bruce a good friend and I wish our schedules allowed us to hang out and ride our bikes together more often. They are fair and good businessmen. I count them among my trusted friends. — James Miller

I just wanted to thank your for your kind service in helping me and selling me the rolex for my wife. I will recommend you always, your the best buddy. My best to Aisha, Joe & Brian. — Robert Bala

I have known the Keno Brothers for at least 15 years and I have done business with them several times. The most important for me, when it comes to jewelers, is to find someone I can trust. I can say, I trust the Keno Brothers! — Antonio Castelli

I have been doing business with the Keno Family since 1979 and I can’t say enough; From customer service, repairs and lots of sales, from Rolex to diamonds. You guys are the BEST! — Michael Savino

I own The Auto Toy Store in Ft. Lauderdale and whenever someone comes in trading watches or jewelry, I contact Bruce Keno for appraisals and buy figures. He has been in the same location for over 10 years & is always trustworthy. Whether buying or selling, you will be happy dealing with Bruce. — Jonathan Frank

Keno Bros. is a trusted name in an industry I do not know much about. My Grandfather’s Hamilton 50-year old retirement watch from HJ Heinz was in need of repair. Bruce and his brother took the time to put it back in A-1 condition a few years back and it still keeps perfect time and still looks new. I had always wanted a new Yacht Master and had been shopping for a good deal. Keno Bros. was able to make me that deal which, years later, it is valued much above my original cost; A sound investment with Bruce and his family-owned business. Friendly, customer-focused and always feel welcome when I walk into his store. — Philip Wojahn

Bruce and Brian have the most integrity. They would never be dishonest and actually might go overboard to be fair in a transaction. I have purchased from them and have always been very happy. — Keith Schekelhoff

Have know Bruce and Brian for almost thirty years. They did a great job making custom jewelry for my wife! Professional business with great integrity. — Tina Singleton

My father did business with Mr. Keno Sr. and my wife and I have also done business with the Keno Brothers. The integrity is outstanding. I would highly recommend the Keno Brothers without any reservation. — Bill Worley

Bruce is a person with business and personal integrity. Hard worker and an amazing cyclist. Highly recommend Bruce Keno to everyone. Looking for jewelry? Say no more! Go to Keno Brothers Jewelers. — Eddie Arboleda

Went to Keno’s and they gave me the highest dollar on my watches and jewelry as much as anyone in Florida. One of the owners Bruce was absolutely wonderful to sell to, very polite and professional about everything. Definitely recommended to go to Keno’s to sell or buy, definitely the best in town and perhaps in all of Florida. — Ben Hsiung

I live up in Boca Raton but drove down to the Keno Brothers for my wife’s engagement ring and wedding bands. I know they are honest and sincere and stand behind their sales. Trust is really important in the jewelry business and I think they are the best in the area. I had some custom made items from them also an their prices were very reasonable. — Tom Vladimir

After my Mother passed away I took some of her jewelry up to Keno Brothers Jewelers. They made me a good offer for the jewelry I decided to part with. I was very pleased. They also were very kind at a rough time for me. I would refer anyone to them, as I was treated very well and fair. — Joseph Carney

You can trust Keno Brothers with you most valued jewelry. Great repairs (Rolex, in particular). They really care about their customers and do whatever is necessary to make them happy. They proved that to me! — Joyce K. Reynolds

From the moment that I walked into this store my experience was warm & Great!!! Brian, Bruce, and Joe were very knowledgeable regarding Jewelry and financially they gave me exactly what I was looking for!!! Many Thanks to You for my new future! — Cora McGloun

If I had to sum up my thoughts on Keno Brothers in one word, it would be “WOW!” However, there’s so much to say about the ownership and their service. I visted their location in early Sept 2012 and from the moment I walked in, their service was top-notch. I’ve been in many jewelry stores, but I can’t think of many where I left feeling like they were upstanding, honest and all around great people to do business with…this is how I felt at Keno Brothers! They gave me the best deal around town and they did it with exceptional service. — J Cornelius Contracting

I was pleasantly surprised by the service and selection at this place. A few months ago, I was shopping for engagement rings and didn’t check out Keno Bros. I made a HUGE mistake. They have a ton of rings, diamond bracelets, fine watches, and loose diamonds, along with a small selection of old vintage jewelry. As my wife surveyed the rings, their selection of rolexes caught my eye. I’m always looking for new or old watches and in comparison to what I’ve seen elsewhere, Keno Bros has pretty good prices.

We went into their store to sell some old gold jewelry. We expected to get a couple hundred dollars, but much to our surprise, they offered us $4,400!! After hearing all of the horror stories of Cash for Gold stores offering less than 10% of the gold’s value, we couldnt believe Keno Bro’s offer. They were fair, honest, personable, and straight talking people and I would recommend them to all of my friends and family. Check them out before you decide on anything. — Joseph E.

I had a tremendous experience in dealing with the Keno Brothers. Their responses were very prompt, and exceptional when I sold my jewelry. I believe they paid me the highest price for my jewelry and watches….as I compared them to a dozen other competitors. Their payment was immediate and convenient. I would highly recommend them to others. — Leon Turner

People should research companies before purchasing an item, especially if it is an expensive purchase. I made the mistake of going to an aution to purchase a preowned Rolex watch. I had no former experience with this product. I won the auction, but little did I know I had been taken advantage of. I went to a very well known and established jewelry store only to find out that my purchase was not what I paid for. Fortunately, the jewler referred me to someone they felt would be 100% reliable and honest with me. I was told to see Bruce at Keno Brothers Jewelers. While speaking to Bruce, I felt comfortable telling him my story, and I knew he was genuinly concerned for the purchase mistake I had made. He spent as much time with me as I needed to make me realize that there was a problem. He could have easily put me off and spent time with another customer, but he wanted to give me the proper education so I would not make another mistake as I did again.

After much aggravation and determination, I was finally granted a refund . If it had not been for Bruce, I would have never known I had purchased a counterfeit product. You must have someone you can trust to inform you and lead you in the proper direction, and that is exactly what Keno Brothers Jewelers did for me. We are now working together to replace the counterfeit product with something that will be worth what I pay for. I will always refer to Bruce before I do anything regarding jewelry.

He is established in the community and will not tolerate anything that is not to his standards.

When you need to get an appraisal done honestly, this is where you should go. Even if you do not purchase from Keno Brothers, you will always get a truthful opinion and feel confident in what you are told. I had a bad experience, but you do not have to go through what I did if you find the right people to lead you honestly. Bruce will tell you the honest truth whether you want to hear it or not.

He will not tell you something you want to hear, but rather what his experience and professionalism needs you to know. I will never go anywhere else to get an honest opinion. — Joe Ramputi

Very nice people. Keno had took off a scratch of my Rolex and he charge me nothing for that. People like these are rare. — M MP Neto

A great place to buy and sell your jewelry! Very knowledgeable, and courteous staff. — Frank Vega

Walked in from the street on impulse and had a great experience. I wanted to trade some old jewelry and exchange for a Christmas present for my wife. I was pleasantly surprised with the kind and expert service I received, topped off by a deal I did not expect. I came into the shop just to check prices, but left after having done a trade with terms better than I thought I could get. I am certain my wife will be very pleased and I am certain as well I will return in the future to do more business. Thank you for your professional and expert help. — Hotse Langeraar

Today I had a good experience selling a ring to Mr. Keno. I’ve lived in Fort Lauderdale for over 30 years and have driven past Keno Bros. Jewelers many times, but had never gone in. I recently decided to sell some old jewelry and coins, so I thought I’d check out Keno Bros. I was greeted by Mr. Keno right after walking into the store. He took the time to explain the process and advised me on how I could sell a heart shaped diamond ring and some other pieces I have via eBay and how prices are determined. I don’t have the patience or expertise to sell on eBay, so he made me an offer on the ring. After checking a couple other jewelry stores, the price offered by Mr. Keno was the best. His offer was $1,000 higher than the jewelry store further down Sunrise Blvd. across the street. He cut me a check right away and I’m satisfied with the experience. I’ll definitely go back when selling the other items that I have, including an old gold coin. — Frank Rizzo

Keno Bros. is the only Jeweler I would ever use in the entire State. Very trusted. Been doing what they do forever in the same location should tell you something about them. — Kevin Grogan

I inherited some fine jewelry, some rare watches, gold and silver coins from a late relative of mine. Mr. Bruce Keno was very professional, as he explained all my options, from me selling my jewelry privately, to the pro’s and cons of consignment, etc., and/or selling on EBAY or Craigslist, and the pitfalls and challenges associated with those options.

He did explain, that selling to a jeweler, one must take into account, that it would be sold at “Fair Market Value” which is an item that is now pre-owned that might be out of date, or not as easily sold as a new modern piece. He was very informative, and I really appreciated the time he took to explain all this to me. I did not sell to him, and he did not charge me for this advice. As he told me when I am ready, to come back, he would do what I instructed him to do. That was very refreshing to me. Everywhere else I went I just felt pressured and most were trying to make a fast buck on me, and I felt they cared more about themselves that what was best for me. I can see why he is “highly regarded” in his field, and will not hesitate to use his services when I truly am ready to sell. — Juan Vargas

I have been using the Keno Brothers services for the past few years and recommend them highly! They have always been extremely helpful when it comes to either selling or repairing my jewelry!!! Their prices can not be beat. Always nice to see the beautiful Aisha and their cute little mascot dog as well! Major Kudos guys. — Terri Schindler

I recently sold Keno Brothers an old gold coin. A pawn shop had offered me next-to-nothing for it. One of those Gold Buying shops wasn’t much better. A coin dealer offered me some pretty good money for it, but the Keno Bros. actually paid me the most. They told me they’ve been collecting coins since they were kids. I’m gonna bring them my other coins to see what those are worth. — Joe Ladin

I recently won a “Rolex?” watch from an online auction site. It looked very nice to me, but just to be sure I went to Keno Brothers to have it evaluated by their watch expert, Bruce. He examined it with his microscope, checked for serial numbers, the dial, the band, the case, etc. He concluded that my auction-purchased watch was counterfeit! So he did an appraisal certifying it’s fakeness and I was able to get all of my money back. Wow, if not for Bruce that auction site would have ripped me off to the tune of $3,000. Thanks to Keno Bros. for their expertise– they really know their stuff. — Norman Moment

Excellent customer service, really. I’ve been to Keno many times over the years (ring sizings, jewelry appraisals, fixed my watches, sold my old gold items). They’ve always been very courteous to me. As a business owner myself, I know how tough it is to please everyone all the time, especially with the difficult customers, but Keno does a great job meeting my needs. Admittedly, I’m very demanding but so far they have never let me down. Kudos to Keno. — Vincent Charles

After going to quite a few scary, less than dignifying places I went home and did a Google search because there HAD to be somewhere decent around Fort Lauderdale. Oh my! What a difference. Bruce, in fact, everyone there was nice and polite. There were no games, no high ball/low ball tactics, just great. I walked away feeling good with myself and confident I was given a fair value for my jewelry. Definitely recommend! — Irene Rojas

We have visited Keno Brothers on two occasions for jewelry appraisal and sale transactions. On both occasions, staff spent a great deal of time helping us through the process and providing an abundance of information. We were never rushed and felt we developed a relationship with the staff that has carried on to later transactions. We trust them with my jewelry needs and will always return. We already have!! Thanks Bruce at Keno Brothers! — Bruce Garrison

2 Thumbs Up! Excellent customer service. Family owned business in Lauderdale for a long time. I really like this place. — Jennifer Rockburne

I had a big box of old stuff, mostly costume jewelry and other junk. It was all mixed together and I was about to drop it off at the thrift shop, but my friend told me to first check with Keno Brothers Jewelers. So I went to them and saw how quickly they sorted through everything; they pulled out my ring with orange stone, an old foreign coin, and a watch (non-working and sort of worn out). They paid me over $2,000 for those 3 items (and I gave the other stuff to thrift store). And I was real happy about that. So my advice is, always get your old things checked out first, by experts such as Keno Bros. Don’t assume it’s worthless because it could really be worth a lot of money. — Benjamas N.

My husband and I have been doing business with Keno Bros for several years. ALL of our transactions have been positive & pleasant. The staff has always been professional & the owners are honest and have integrity. While we have primarily bought jewelry, I did take advantage of the soaring gold prices and sold them some old pieces that I no longer wore. I was VERY happy with the price given & had a beautiful ring made with the proceeds. I only have good things to say about this place & would recommend it to anyone. — Marianne Johnston




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