Ask a Fort Lauderdale Jewelry Buyer

Where is the best place to sell my gold, silver, platinum, coins, diamonds, Rolex, watches and estate jewelry? Why should I do business with Keno Brothers Jewelers?

Keno Brothers Jewelers in Ft. Lauderdale is the best place to sell your valuables, for a number of important reasons. We have been continuously voted as the #1 Buyers in South Florida. Our experts include Appraisers, Graduate Gemologists, Jewelers, Horologists (watchmakers), and Numismatists (coin dealers).

We have many collectors who are interested in the very same items that you wish to sell. And we pay top dollar because we know exactly how to evaluate your valuables and then sell them for maximum value to our own extensive list of clients.

What’s the difference between Keno Brothers and a pawn shop?

While pawnshops buy, sell and arrange loans on jewelry, they can’t pay as much as we can. Pawnbrokers are “Jack-of-all-Trades” in music instruments, power tools, firearms, paintings, jewelry — even motor vehicles. We at Keno Brothers Jewelers are specialists in estate jewelry, precious metals, diamonds, gems, collectible coins, Rolex and fine watches.

Our professionals expertly appraise your items and pay out maximum prices.

Does Keno Brothers offer loans?

Our non-loan agreement is an exclusive “Purchase – Repurchase” contract. We agree to purchase your items from you, hold those items which you may then repurchase from us at a later date. If you are temporarily short on funds we can get you maximum cash, immediately. At a later date, when your financial situation improves, you can “buy back” your items. This arrangement saves you fees and puts more cash in your pocket.

Where is Keno Brothers Jewelers located?

We’ve been in the same location since 1983, conveniently located at 2000 E. Sunrise Blvd. in Ft. Lauderdale, with free parking behind our store (enter our lot from N.E. 20th Avenue). We are two blocks west of the Galleria Mall.

How long has Keno Brothers been in business? What about credentials?

We were established in 1978. We are a family business that is woven into the fabric of our community as supporters of many groups and charitable events. We have certifications and memberships in reputable organizations such as the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A.), National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (N.A.J.A.), Jewelers Board of Trade (J.B.T.), Jewelers Vigilance Committee (J.V.C.), and Jewelers of America (J.A. Distinguished).

We have many years of experience and many outstanding reviews. But the best endorsements are those from our thousands of satisfied clients.

I want to sell my Rolex. Does Keno Brothers buy watches?

Yes! Our watch expert can evaluate your Rolex for authenticity, originality, condition and rarity. We are the top ranked buyers of Rolex watches in South Florida. We have several hundred pre-owned Rolexes for sale at any given time. We buy all types of antique, vintage and fine quality watches such as Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Piaget, IWC, Cartier, Breitling and many others. We are prepared to pay top dollar for high-end timepieces, in any condition, working or needing repair. We maintain a large data base of collectors who want and need these watches.

Does Keno Brothers buy rare coins?

Yes, indeed. We started collecting coins when we were kids and have continued our love of numismatics to this day. We love rare coins, silver dollars, bullion coins, old coins, 90% silver coins, gold coins, platinum coins. Our Numismatists evaluate all coins for dates, mint marks, condition, precious metal content, type, variety, and authenticity.

We are prepared to pay you top dollar for your coins.

Does Keno Brothers buy certified G.I.A. diamonds?

This refers to diamonds that have been inspected by an independent laboratory, such as the G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America). Yes, we do offer top value for these diamonds; these reports clearly state quality factors such as Clarity, Color, Cut, Carat Weight, Fluorescence, etc. We have G.I.A. trained Graduate Gemologists on staff, so we are able to most accurately determine all market factors which will net you the highest prices for your diamonds.

We also buy diamonds certified by other labs, such as E.G.L., (European Gemological Laboratory), A.G.S. (American Gem Society), A.G.L. (American Gemological Laboratories), I.G.L. (International Gemological Laboratory), I.G.I. (International Gemological Institute), GemEx, and G.C.A.L. (Gem Certification & Assurance Lab). As experts, we are able to match your diamond with your certificate by examining characteristics such as inclusions, external features, measurements, etc. These diamonds are worth more money and we pay more for them. We will also buy your diamonds and other gems, even if you don’t have an appraisal, receipt or certificate for them.

Our Gemologists are experts who can evaluate your jewels and pay you the highest prices.

Does Keno Brothers offer consignment services for my jewelry and other valuables?

We accept for consignment Rolex watches, diamonds, gems and coins. Together we will agree upon a desired selling price and then display your items in our showcases for sale to the public. We collect our commission when your items sell and then advance the net proceeds to you. This is an excellent option for those who don’t need to sell immediately. Your items are insured and secured in our premises for the duration of the consignment period and funds are advanced immediately to you upon completion of sale.

Can Keno Brothers sell my items for me on the auction site eBay?

Keno Brothers are eBay “Power Sellers” with the highest positive rating. This means that we have sold thousands of items on eBay on behalf of our clients, delivered results in a timely manner and received positive reviews for our efforts.

Consider using the services of Keno Brothers Jewelers to sell your items on Ebay auction. For a fair commission, we will do all the work for you and assume all of the risk. This includes preparing your item for sale, taking photos, writing descriptions, listing item, handling inquiries from potential buyers, packaging and shipping your item to winning bidder, confirming payment from winning bidder and dispersing the funds to you. We can get a higher price for you than if you did it yourself. This is due to our eBay high rating, experience, reputation, and skills at marketing and selling. This is a great option; just bring us your valuables and let us sell it for you on eBay.

What types of appraisals does Keno Brothers offer?

We offer appraisals for: insurance purpose (retail replacement value), estates (fair market value), verification (confirm your documented items), hypothetical, and damage analysis (litigation purposes).

Our experts hold the G.G. designation with the Gemological Institute of America (Graduate Gemologist of the G.I.A.), and we are members of the N.A.J.A. (National Association of Jewelry Appraisers). Our experts can accurately appraise your jewelry, diamonds and gemstones. We are also specialists in appraising watches, coins and precious metals. Keno Brothers Jewelers has many clients that include Trust Departments of Banks, Law Firms handling estates, Liquidators, and Insurance companies. Our appraisal work is detailed, accurate and holds up to scrutiny.

Trust Keno Brothers for your appraisal needs.

Who are Leslie Keno and Leigh Keno, of the television program “Antique’s Roadshow” on PBS?

These two men are twin brothers, who are appraisers of antique furniture and frequently appear on the popular TV show. Coincidentally, Bruce Keno and Brian Keno are also twin brothers who appraise daily at Keno Brothers Jewelers in Ft. Lauderdale. If you want to sell your estate jewelry, diamonds, gems, Rolex watches, coins, gold, silver and platinum, come see Bruce and Brian.

But if you want to sell your antique furniture, go see Leslie and Leigh.

See Photo for Comparison 

What types of precious metals does Keno Brothers buy?

The most popular types are gold, silver and platinum. But there are others that we see occasionally in jewelry, such as palladium, rhodium and iridium. Gold is used in coins (numismatic and bullion), ingots, jewelry and even dental gold. We buy karat gold such as 9 Kt (.375), 10 Kt (.417), 14 kt (.585), 18 Kt (.750), 20 Kt (.833), 22 Kt (.917), 24 Kt (.999). Varieties include yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and green gold (used in Black Hills gold). We buy silver used in jewelry, ingots, coins, silverware / flatware. Popular types of silver include sterling (.925), U.S. coin silver (90% or 40%), foreign coin silver (80%).

We also buy platinum, which is used for jewelry, ingots and coins. Platinum group metals also include palladium, rhodium and iridium.

Does Keno Brothers repair jewelry?

We are a full-service jewelry store; we clean, polish and repair broken jewelry, re-size rings, remount and set stones, etc. We can create jewelry from your own designs or ours. We offer full service for your Rolex and other fine watches too. Our quality is high, our service is excellent and our prices are fair.