Get Top Dollar for your Rolex Watch

Rolex has stood the test of time and consistently stayed on the top of the market lists year after year. Since its inception in 1905, they have delivered quality product to their buyers. The goal was simple: founder Hans Wilsdorf began to dream of a watch worn on the wrist. Wristwatches were not very precise at the time, but Hans Wilsdorf foresaw that they could become not only elegant, but also reliable.

Today, these watches are some of the most valuable timepieces on the market and you can fetch top dollar by selling your used or vintage Rolex timepiece in South Florida with Keno Brothers Jewelers.

Why do people love Rolex?

According to a recent article by Esquire, “Rolex is a religion. There are more costly watches. There are rarer watches. There are watches with finer complications and more intricate movements and more esoteric brand positioning. But none of them has managed to combine exclusivity with global ubiquity like the company [Rolex]…”

Because the product is so valued, we are able to provide top dollar for your used Rolex watch. If you are looking to make cash fast, we can provide the best rate for your piece.

Did you know this about Rolex?

Here are a few little known facts about Rolex:

  • Every Rolex is handmade.
  • While Rolex is a Swiss company, it was founded in London.
  • Rolex makes 800,000 to 1 million watches a year.
  • It takes a year to make a Rolex.
  • Rolex watches are pressure-tested.
  • The most expensive Rolex was sold in 2017 for $17.75 million.
  • Rolex makes all its gold in-house.

Popular people who love Rolex

Rolex can be found on the wrist of a number of musicians, athletes, politicians and other notable people. Just a few who love Rolex are Jay-Z, the classic James Bond, Eminem, Adam Levine, Mark Wahlberg and many more.

Thinking about selling your Rolex watch to Keno Brothers?

Here are a few items to consider and how to get the most money for your Rolex watch:

  • Rarity & Age
  • Materials
  • Packaging
  • Demand in the Market
  • Model
  • Condition & Grading

Highest prices paid for Rolex Watches, Cartier Watches, Patek Philippe in South Florida

Our highly experienced staff will evaluate and make the highest cash offer available for your Rolex watches and other watches. Come to our Fort Lauderdale storefront to sell your Rolex watchsell Patek Philippe watch in Fort Lauderdale or give us a call to setup an appointment. You can trust in the experience of our Gemological Institute of America (GIA) graduate gemologist, a Master jeweler, two skilled watchmakers, a renowned horologist, and five experienced estate buying specialists. Simply put, we know what we are looking at, and we know what it is worth.

The knowledge of the intricate markets as well as correctly and confidently appraising your items allows us to pay you maximum value for your most treasured precious jewelry.

Sell Your Rolex Watch in Fort Lauderdale
Sell Your Rolex Watch in Fort Lauderdale

We use Gemological Institute of America practices, as well as National Association of Jewelry Appraiser policies and standards. Keno Bros. Jewelers appraisers are “certified” appraisers with detail to accuracy and exact evaluations pertaining to your appraisal situation.

Bring your watch in today for a Fort Lauderdale jewelry appraisal and see how much it is worth.

Sell your Rolex watch to Kenos Brothers Jewelers today

Selling your Rolex watch to Keno Brothers Jewelers is a discreet process with an emphasis on professionalism and integrity. Keno Brothers promise to maximize your payment using the most advanced pricing models and methods, using Gemological testing and all pertinent research. When applicable we research all actual auction results and watch pricing databases when evaluating your valuables. Read the guide below for help selling your Rolex watch to us, please contact us today for more information.

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