gold, sell gold

Sell Your Gold and Silver in South Florida for Top Dollar as Precious Metals Reach Record High Prices

Gold is skyrocketing right now and selling for top dollar. As the global stock markets continue to move through uncharted waters, investors are defaulting to the familiar metal that has proven to retain value throughout the years: gold. Now is the time to sell your gold!

Gold is trading more than $2,000 per ounce.

The price of gold hasn’t been this high since 2011 and as the market continues to shake out, these prices could increase even higher. The best way to make quick cash right now for top dollar is to sell gold in South Florida. Gold selling more than $2,000 per troy ounce means there has been a 35% increase in the value of gold. There’s never been a better time to sell gold than now!

gold, sell gold

Buy Low, Sell High $$$

Keno Bros. are certified GIA gemologists who have been in the business for more than 30 years and understand the market. We know now provides a wonderful opportunity for you to sell your gold and earn cash! The price of gold usually is around $1,400-1,600 a ounce. Now, with record prices in the past decade, you have the opportunity to make top dollar for your unwanted gold.

Why is gold valuable in the first place?

Gold is a commodity that cannot be created at will, like a car or even cash. It has often been seen as the one investment that stands the test of time and holds value longer than other assets. This makes it extremely attractive to those who want to buy your gold. Selling gold will provide cash for you today. Gold is also an element in itself, so it becomes more valuable. Some elements don’t attract a lot of attention, but gold specifically has always stood out as one of the most valuable elements. It is naturally occurring, therefore limited, but does not have a lot of adverse or negative attributes like some of the other elements do.  It has a very low melting point, cannot give you adverse reactions. Gold also doesn’t tarnish like silver does. Scarcity and stability are the two most attractive factors about gold. Gold has also been proven to weather the tests of time and financial crises, making it a commodity.

Washington Post explains, “Gold is typically insulated from inflation and generalized uncertainty. The precious metal is relatively stable over the long haul, and its value isn’t easily depreciated by outside factors or other currencies.”

How do I sell my gold?

Looking to sell gold South Florida? You’ve found the place! We pay you the highest amount for your gold and gold bullion in South Florida. Whether that be gold watches, necklaces, rings or other gold jewelry. Come by our store or make an appointment today. Sell Gold South Florida for the highest prices around. Whether you are selling your gold jewelry, gold watches or even gold coins or gold bullion – we’re your buyers. Get cash for gold in South Florida today!

We promise to maximize your payment using the most advanced pricing models and methods, using Gemological testing and all pertinent research. We’ve been buying and selling gold in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Broward County and all points South Florida for over 30 years.

Learn more about the Gold Market

First of all, you have to understand that there are two markets in the gold world: the futures market and the physical market. The futures market is based on stocks and trades which trades financial contracts based on gold. This is controlled by Wall Street and allows investors to debate and set the price of gold based on the market. The other aspect of the Gold Market is the physical market which joins miners, manufacturers, refiners, jewelers and central banks with investors. The physical market is based on the physical gold bars. This is largely controlled by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and The Bank of England. Both markets usually rise and fall in tandem.

The Wall Street Journal also notes, “To avoid paying for tons of gold, tying up millions of dollars in cash, industrial users often borrow metal instead of buying it outright. Banks either lease it to them, charging interest, or lend with more complex forward, swap and repurchase deals.”

Learn more about gold prices in the latest by Wall Street Journal:

Why are gold prices so high?

We know there is a great opportunity to sell gold now. There are a lot of factors that go into why gold is selling at such a high rate right now. During these uncertain times, gold is seen as one asset that has retained its value, even when the stock market and housing market are more volatile. One of the biggest reasons why prices of gold have soared is US Treasury has not hit the expected level of inflation adjustments. This means other assets are not inflating at the expected rate, but gold holds its value. Also, the Federal Reserve slashed interest rates and bought hundreds of billions of dollars in bonds, making other investments look less valuable.

According to CNBC,  “At its core, the economists said the rally in gold was being driven by central banks’ monetary easing, which had resulted in negative real yields. This is when the return investors get on bonds is equal to or below the rate of inflation. This has reduced the ‘opportunity cost of holding a zero-coupon asset such as gold.’ Nevertheless, they added that all of the above factors, and more, had a role to play in sustaining the gold rally.”

Investors shift mentality

Investors have taken note and purchased gold, thinking it will retain its value more than stocks will. There is much less risk in gold and the prices are much less affected by political or social unrest. Another factor that is increasing the price of gold is the depreciation of the dollar. People outside the US feel that gold is more valuable when the dollar is weaker because it makes gold “cheaper” in their home since the US controls a large portion of the gold market.

Origin of Gold

Where does gold even come from anyway? Gold has been mined for years in underground pits and open caves across the world. Currently, China is the largest gold miner followed closely by Russia. Australia and the United States also mine a significant amount of gold. Chemical agents are used to extract gold from their rocks, removing access. Then miners melt down the gold and turn them into gold bars or other assets. 90% of gold is used in jewelry around the world.

Will gold prices continue to rise?

It’s hard to know for sure, but experts predict, yes! Globally, the physical gold market is sitting around $12 billion according to BlackRock iShares and CNBC. Bank of America also predicted in June that gold could hit $3,000 per ounce. If conditions continue this way, this prediction is very plausible. If you need fast cash, now is the time to sell your gold. There are a lot of factors that go into setting the price of gold, but the market shows that it is continuing to climb.

Trusted in South Florida!

When applicable we research all actual auction results and gold pricing databases when evaluating your valuables. Our highly experienced staff includes a Gemological Institute of America (GIA) graduate gemologist, a Master jeweler, two skilled watchmakers, a renowned horologist, and five experienced estate buying specialists. Simply put, we know what we are looking at, and we know what it is worth.

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