Why You Should Sell Your Diamonds Now

Diamonds can be tricky to navigate if you are not a certified gemologist or jeweler. There are many factors that make now a great time to sell your diamonds and get cash fast. One indicator is that this month Christie’s is making history by hosting their first even online sale dedicated to just diamonds. More than 50 luxury pieces can be bought directly online in this unprecedented bidding sale.

Diamonds have also been in the news and a hot topic because Tiffany’s announced they will reveal where they get their diamonds. According to Forbes, “Tiffany & Co. announced Tuesday it will share the full background of its newly sourced diamond rings, an industry first as it looks to attract customers who care about quality as well as social and environmental responsibility.”

At Keno Brothers, our South Florida certified diamond buyers pay you the highest amount for your EGL certified diamonds, GIA diamonds, large diamonds and small diamonds in South Florida and Greater Fort Lauderdale.

Timing is Everything!

There has never been a better time to sell your diamonds and make cash fast. Keno Bros. pay you the highest amount for your certified diamonds, GIA diamonds, large and small. Because of the current market, we are ready to make this process quick and easy, providing you with the best price you’ll find in South Florida. We know times are tough and are here to help you get by. The time is now to sell your diamonds!

The 4 C’s of Diamonds

Want to get top dollar for your diamonds? You’ll have to understand the 4 C’s of Diamonds. According to the GIA, the 3 C’s of Diamonds include color, clarity, cut and carat. Below is an expert from the GIA’s official website that explains more:

  • “Diamond Color In most diamonds, the term actually refers to the absence of color. The less color in the stone, the more desirable and valuable it is. Some of these differences are not visible to the naked eye, but directly impact the overall quality and price of the stone.
  • Diamond Clarity measures the amount, size and placement of internal ‘inclusions,’ and external ‘blemishes.’ Grades run from ‘Flawless,’ with virtually no imperfections, to ‘Included,’ which contain a significant number of imperfections.
  • Diamond Cut does not refer to a diamond’s shape, but to the proportion and arrangement of its facets and the quality of workmanship. The amount of brilliance, sparkle and fire in a diamond is determined by cut. Grades range from ‘Excellent’ to ‘Poor.’
  • Diamond Carat refers to a diamond’s weight. Generally speaking, the higher the carat weight, the more expensive the stone. Two diamonds of equal carat weight, however, can have very different quality and price when the other three Cs are considered.”
Courtesy of The GIA.

Why a Grading Report is Important

A GIA grading report is a great way to understand the assessment of the 4 C’s and also help guarantee that your gemologist understands what they are doing. At Keno Bros. we buy diamonds certified by any reputable laboratory: GIA, AGS, EGL,  AGL, IGL, GCI, GLA, UGL, certified diamonds, estate diamonds, canary, Tiffany and many more. If you don’t have a laboratory certification, our gemologists can provide this service. We are experts at evaluating and appraising diamonds.

Sell local, Make More Money

When you sell your diamonds in Fort Lauderdale to Keno Brothers, you cut out the middlemen and sell directly to the owners, which nets you a higher payment. Many of the diamonds we buy from the general public go directly into our estate jewelry collection, for sale to our own clients who want and need your valuables. We are also Power-Sellers on Ebay with a worldwide exposure; many of these purchased diamonds are placed into one of our many auctions. Thus, we are able to work much closer with both the sellers and the buyers.

Synthetic Diamonds vs. Simulant Diamonds

The Zebra reports, “To put it simply, diamond simulants are not diamonds. They mimic some of the characteristics of diamonds, but you are usually able to tell that they are fake. Synthetic diamonds, on the other hand, are diamonds. The only difference between a mined diamond and a ‘synthetic’ (or man-made) diamond is where they were created. A synthetic diamond, properly referred to as a lab-grown diamond, is created in a lab-setting utilizing advanced technology to mimic the processes that help form diamonds in nature.”

Keno Bros. is Here to Help You Make Money!

Everybody claims to be the best, but we back it up. As members of the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers, our Gemologists are masters at appraising your diamonds for cut, color, clarity and carat. We know how to accurately identify and evaluate diamonds and separate them from look-alikes such as cubic zirconias and moissanites. We’ve been here a long time; we are a family-owned business, established in Fort Lauderdale in 1978.

We pay you the highest amount for your diamonds. Come see us; make an appointment by calling or visiting our Fort Lauderdale showroom.